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“Pulling paint around on a canvas to create imagery that ignites senses provides me with an indescribable sense of satisfaction.” — GW



Why Gretchen Paints

Gretchen Weidner is a young, up and coming muralist and commissioned painter in Southern California. Landing in San Diego in 2014, she has made the city her canvas, painting her art on the walls of public and private businesses. Her recent passion and expertise has become painting murals. She enjoys the entire process, from the planning and research to the sketching and painting. She has worked with small and large business owners, private clients and firms, to design and create memorable and inspiring murals. Gretchen also creates her personal series and collections, which often play off stereotypical gender roles. Gretchen’s inspiration comes from her encounters and experiences with life. All her series and collections are available for purchase on prints, apparel and home goods, as well as the originals paintings if available.

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I am a muralistI am a painterI am an educator

—Gretchen Weidner —


Gretchen’s Talents

Gretchen’s mastery of painting, colors and composition allows her to skillfully layer paint to create depth and vivid imagery. She is versatile with her painting and offers murals, commissioned pieces, live painting and reprints on textile and home goods for her clients, from businesses to private clients and collectors.


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Live Painting

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Gretchen’s Artwork

It is nearly impossible to find Gretchen without a paintbrush or a notebook in her hand. Her love and talent for painting blossomed while she was pursuing her B.A. in fine arts. Since then, her passion has only grew stronger, from murals to commissioned pieces, Gretchen uses painting to interact with the world.

Client Process

Working with Gretchen

Working with Gretchen is a lot of fun. She has experience working with small and large corporate and retail businesses, private clients, brands, non-profits and design firms. She is very transparent and clear on her creative process and guides her clients through the steps from initial consultation to the delivered painting or mural. Not all Gretchen’s clients knows exactly what they want their piece to be, so don’t worry, together, you and Gretchen can work through sketches and concepts to ensure your vision is delivered.


You and Gretchen will meet, either over the phone or in person, to start discussing your project needs. During the consultation, be prepared to elaborate on your vision for your painting or mural—colors, images, specific pictures, location and overall feeling you want to convey.


After your vision and needs are defined, Gretchen will begin conceptualizing, conducting research and exploring different options and layouts. Unless you have a predetermined image, she will sketch concepts to present to you.


Gretchen will provide you with general sketches of how she envisions your piece. In addition, you will receive a project proposal that lays out your needs and goals for the piece. From here, you will provide feedback on the sketches and Gretchen will re-work it until you are happy with the final plan.


After you approve the sketch, Gretchen will draw up a quote. During this time, fifty percent of the total cost is required and the remaining balance is due upon completion.

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For The Kids

Gretchen paints to improve opportunities for our future generations.

“Chasing your dreams is one of the most important things that can be taught to our children—and as an educator, I thrive to do just that.” — GW

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By the Numbers

Some of Gretchen’s Stats

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