About Me


It all started in my grandmother’s kitchen sharpening crayons with butter knives for coloring contests at local stores in Eden, New York. Bobcha (Grandma) would bring home candy telling me I won first prize every time. She passed when I was nine and I somehow knew to keep her spirit alive I would continue coloring. I printed my own coloring books at age 8, sold a painting at 16, and opened my first art teaching studio at 25.

I attended Art school at Alfred University and received my MA at Buffalo State College. At my final critique my professor explained, “I’ll see your work in a museum some day!” In 2014 I moved to San Diego, California from Buffalo, New York to become a full time artist after nearly a decade of teaching art in the classroom.

My favorite artistic accomplishments include my mural in the entryway of the largest tech company in the world and my renaissance mural hanging above Michaelangelo’s “Pieta” replica in San Diego, California. I created a series titled “It Could Be You” that hangs in the arts district of San Diego: Little Italy. The collection is displayed nationwide and prints on merchandise in stores.

My home town Buffalo, New York exhibits my largest murals. My team and I painted 5,000 square feet ceiling to floor at a pediatrics center.

You can view an interactive map here:

My personal painting collections are focused on romance and the intimacy that comes with interpersonal interactions. My work has sexual undertones at times and reveals my intimate encounters with life and love. Every experience I encounter subconsciously reveals itself on my canvases. My art has a surreal aesthetic, and I take pride in creating my work free hand, revealing a clear and consistent path from one’s mind, to hand, to canvas.

You can see my licensed artwork on hand silk screened wallpaper with Red Disk whom is supported by the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, New York and on high-end leather bags created by Rob Rodney in Coronado, California. I love designing, creating, and painting. I will continuously look forward to expanding my portfolio and meeting clients needs through the creative process.


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