Outdoor & Indoor Public & Private

Gretchen offers various services for muraling, from indoor and outdoor to corporate and personal. Since painting her first wall in 2013, she has completed over 150 murals for a variety of clients on various projects: interior design and architecture firms (for clients), doctor’s offices, corporate offices, bars, breweries, restaurants, hotels, fire department, schools, and private homes.

Traditional Murals

Traditional murals are standard murals—no gimmicks, just beautiful art and design. These murals can be designed to be viewed from far away (outdoor murals) or close up in smaller spaces (indoor murals).

Interactive Murals

Let your customers be your brand ambassadors. Interactive murals are designed to encourage engagement and interaction with its viewers and visitors (your customers). This style is great for brands and businesses that want to get their clients and customers interacting with its brand on social by sharing, posting and tagging on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform.

Ceiling Murals + Canvas Overlay

Canvas overlay murals are a unique process that is great for adding extra depth and interactivity to a mural. The wall is still painted, but in addition, certain focal elements will have a canvas installed over it and painted to make it look like it’s part of the mural. The canvases can be made permanent or removable.

Ceiling Murals are also available at special request

Logo Mural Transfers

Painting your logo onto your wall adds class and craft to your business. From restaurants and bars that want to highlight its own or a vendors logo, to businesses that want its logo painted on its lobby walls, transferring logos is an art. Gretchen has experience with both simple and more complex logo designs.

Temporary Murals

Temporary murals are only meant to be displayed for a short period of time—if its either painted over afterwards or painted on a moveable surface such as wood, plastic, or fiberglass. Temporary murals are a great choice when you don’t want something permanent. Temporary murals are great when they are accompanied by a live event and viewers can watch as the mural develops. Good for neighborhoods, art walks, and festivals.

Floor Murals

Some mural designs may require overflow to get its message across, and often times this requires the application of floor murals. Gretchen has the talent and experience to make your murals jump off the wall. She uses special techniques to help keep your mural looking fresh despite high foot traffic areas.

Commissioned Pieces

Paintings Made Just for You

Gretchen paints commissioned pieces for homes, offices and gifts. If you are looking for specific art to hang in your home or office, or want to commemorate that big day, commissioned pieces are a great choice. Gretchen can paint anything you can dream up, but most commonly her clients request her to paint a self or family portrait, an important day, a passion or hobby, scenery and pets.

Home & Office Commissions

Have you been looking to fill that empty wall space with that special piece? Gretchen’s creativity and talent can create the painting that you have always wanted for your home or office. After a quick consultation, she can sketch out some ideas so you can get a painting that you will cherish forever. Your only restriction is your imagination.

Portrait & Scenery Commissions

Gretchen commissions pieces that are of a loved ones, a location, a special event, a pet or anything else you can think up. These custom paintings are one of a kind and make a unique gift for a loved one.

Art Licensing

License Gretchen’s artwork for artisanal detail to your brand

Gretchen is licensed with Red Disk Wallpaper ( company out of Buffalo, New York and Rob Rodney designs ( out of San Diego, California. Her work has a natural commercial aesthetic and can help promote, build, and generate greater sales for your company or brand.

Rob Rodney

Rob Rodney is a high end leather bag company started in Coronado, California. Originally intended to safe keep cannabis, having a lock installed in front, the gorgeous leather can be used to store any keep sacks for home or while traveling. Pictured here are the founder, Mark Frahm, and the stars of the hit TV show “Shameless.”

Red Disk Wallpaper

Red Disk established the first hand silk screened wallpaper company out of Buffalo, New York since world renowned artist Charles Burchfield. Burchfield was an early 20th century landscape painter and wallpaper designer. His work is responsible for some of the first manufactured and reproduced American wallpaper. Red Disk licensed local artists to design and pay homage to the original artisanal quality of Burchfield’s designs, hand silk screening each roll using luxury C2 Paint.

Wallpaper Installation

You can view all color ways at and order via the website or place an order with 716.982.3083.

Series & Collections

Prints, Apparel & Home Goods

Gretchen creates one to two personal series and collections each year. These series are unique and directly come from Gretchen’s life experiences. The original pieces are sometimes hard to purchase, but her prints, apparel and home goods are creative and beautiful options to bring life to your home or wardrobe.


All of Gretchen’s individual series are available to purchase in high quality prints of various sizes and as full sets or individually. These prints are the next best thing to hanging the real painting in your home or office. Numbered prints are also available.


Gretchen’s series and collections look amazing on apparel and are a great statement piece to any wardrobe. Gretchen likes to keep an inventory of products for you to enjoy, from hats to t-shirts and tanks, you can find a style that is perfect for you.

Home Goods

Gretchen’s pieces don’t only look good on your walls—turning your favorites into home goods gives your home a unique look. From comforters and pillows to shower curtains and aprons, your home will be sure to pop with Gretchen’s home goods.


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